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The FHN Florida Panthers Mailbag: Claude Giroux coming to Sunrise?



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The Florida Panthers have already been active before the NHL Trade Deadline hits Monday at 3 p.m. but there is a big fish still out there in Claude Giroux. General manager Bill Zito is working on landing him. 

In this edition of the FHN Mailbag, many of you had questions about the Trade Deadline and how it will all flesh out for the Panthers.

There is plenty of smoke coming out of Philadelphia that Giroux is, indeed, headed to Sunrise.

So, why has it not happened (as of Friday afternoon) yet?

It could be that a deal is not done — hearing this is the case — and it could also be the Panthers have to make some moves to facilitate fitting Giroux in under current cap and roster constraints.

Let’s not forget, the Panthers have a game to play in Anaheim tonight. They already have some things to shift around if Patric Hornqvist is not able to play, for instance.

Again, the deadline is not until Monday.

If Florida and Philadelphia have a deal in place — also very plausible — it could just be on hold until closer to Monday. That allows Florida to play its game tonight and then begin moving stuff around.

Giroux would not have played tonight in Anaheim and, with the Panthers not playing again until next Thursday in Montreal, there is no real rush here. They know when the deadline is and it’s not today.

This is not your typical deadline deal. Giroux has a full no-trade clause so he controls where he wants to go. There are not eight contending teams trying to outbid one another here.

Be patient. Looks like the main parties are.

With that said, it’s time for the Mailbag!

Hi George, if the Panthers do make it the finals and win, would Frank be included on the cup? — Art K

What’s up Mr. McJinx? There is another question regarding the Florida Panthers’ Cup engraving down below but this one is pretty easy: Yes.

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