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#AskGR Mailbag

The Best Time of the Year? FHN Florida Panthers Mailbag!



Florida panthers mailbag

As the Florida Panthers took an extended holiday break due to a holiday (out)break, it is time for another FHN Mailbag.

I know everyone is busy getting those last-minute gift cards, but if you have any questions about the Panthers — well, anything, really — go ahead and put them on my list.

What is on your mind?

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Leave your questions here in the comment section, on Twitter using the #AskGR hashtag or in the Facebook comments.

I will gather up all the questions on Wednesday and Thursday morning and publish the Q&A segment on Thursday morning.

Deadline for questions is 7 a.m. Thursday morning!

Here is the our previous Mailbag, which was published around Thanksgiving.

If you’re in the reading mood, check out all the other stories we have written here at Florida Hockey Now.

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Cats and Leafs

What is the level of concern with Spencer Knight’s recent play? They obviously sent him down to get some playing time, but is Johansson a viable number 2 if Spencer needs more development time?

Terence Graham

Hey George,
Any concern at all on your end with playing .500 hockey under Bruno? Or can it all be chalked up to injuries, Covid, and just plain bad puck luck? Also, any murmurs on how active Zito will be at the deadline/what he’s looking to add?

Thanks to you and Colby for keeping the content rolling for us starved Panther fans

Cats and Leafs

A question on Lundell as well. He has seemed poised and plays the game at a high IQ level from what I’ve observed so far. By the type of minutes he’s getting, the club is enamored with him as well. Is it too early to project his place long term with the organization?


Seems like there has been almost no contribution from Tippett and Vatrano guys who should get
Around 25 goals. Any speculation why? Also,if play continues this way, any thought to Paul Maurice?

Joel Plattor

What’s going on with face offs? We’re getting killed. Same with power play. Have we overrated this team? They should be and need to be better. And how much does the loss of Q factor into the falloff?

Bryan Geary

Heard anything about players coming off injured and Covid lists? Any idea what the roster will look like at Carolina (assuming we play that game)?

David Forsyth

When will Acciari be coming back? And whenever the season resumes, will Barkov be back?

Jon Baldwin

I’ll toss you a softball: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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