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#AskGR Mailbag

Mailbag Time! Ask George Your Pressing Florida Panthers Questions



Florida panthers

As we head deeper into summer — and come closer and closer to the start of another Florida Panthers season — it is time for another FHN Mailbag with George Richards answering whatever questions you may have about the team.

It has been a long and eventful offseason so far and not much more is expected to happen between now and the start of training camp about a month from now.

But nothing would be a surprise at this point.

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So, what questions do you have?

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Leave George your questions here in the comments, use #AskGR on Twitter or post on Facebook if you saw this story there.

We will gather them up and post on Wednesday.

And, as always, they do not have to be limited to questions about the Panthers.

Ask us anything.

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Roger Lee

Happy 105th Birthday, George!!! At least that is what age Facebook says you are.

Bryan Geary

Clearly, our roster overall has taken a step backward from last year with a lot more unknowns this year. Hopefully, our coaching has taken a step forward for the playoffs. What are our realistic expectations for this season?

Andrew Levine

With the huge loss on defense, do you think Forsling will be able to handle being on the top pair?


On paper, it looks like the Panthers D is considerably weaker than last season. Do you think a Paul Maurice system in which the team won’t play as much run and gun offense as in the past will help compensate for that and if it does, will the team be able to compensate for the less goals scored with even less goals given up?

Harry Lampley

After Eric Staal left the Wild, his goal scoring fell off a cliff. last year he played 4 games in the AHL. What is his story? Would you say his chances of making the Panther’s roster is remote at best?


with the loss of some key guys and with a new system no doubt being implemented, where do you Invision our offense, do we remain elite, maybe top 5, or do we fall back to earth and end up middle of the pack?

Cats and Leafs

Any insight as to how Barkov reacted to the Huberdeau trade? I know we are against the cap, but any other rumblings of possible trades /. signings with the team?

Matthew Kristal

Given the attrition from last year’s roster, it would appear there are roster spots available for some of the youngsters. Which prospects do you see as best possibilities to make the jump this year?

Last edited 1 year ago by Matthew Kristal
Cats and Leafs

Your second home team in Columbus has suffered a similar identity crisis and lack of player desire to reside there as the Cats did a few years back. With Laine re-signing and Gaudreau taking the leap, how does it change the landscape for the Jackets?


Any update on War Memorial driving by there doesn’t look like it will open on time


Do you foresee any other moves? Think Bob would allow a trade?


How do you think the players feel with the loss of Huberdeau and Weegar, and bringing in Tkachuk? Any chance we see Tkachuk with an A?

Phil Gallo

George, with all the changes the Cats most likely won’t win the Cursed Presidents Cup…but don’t you feel that this team is more playoff ready ….that guys like Cousins / Staal bring more of an edge ( of course along w Tkachuk) and Huby & Weegs free wheeling offensive style of play is not conducive to playoff hockey? And Barky / Tkachuk/ Reino / Duke / Swaggy / Hornquist/ Eckblad / Forsling / Lundell / Bennett etc is enough talent to win a Cup…plus the new additions and prospects….your thoughts?

Jon Baldwin

Do you like movies about gladiators?


Who doesn’t?

Bryan Geary

One more now that Covid protocols for the season have been announced. With the new coach Sylvain Lefebvre being a vax holdout (previously), do we know if he will be able to coach this season?

Miguel Villanueva

George! Give me a player that will breakout from each position.
In my opinion it will be, Montour driving the power play and Levtchi playing with Barkov… In addition I also see Duclair traded after coming back, to improve the blue line. What do you think?

Miguel Villanueva

People are taking about trading Bob, who will be the #1 goaltender? Do you think Knight is ready if not, then what will be the plan?

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