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2024 Stanley Cup Champions

Paul Maurice Puts Censors to Work, Brings Profanity to Parade



Paul maurice
Florida Panthers coach Paul Maurice gets animated — and brings some profanity to the Championship Celebration on Sunday afternoon in Fort Lauderale.

FORT LAUDERDALE — Paul Maurice had a lot to say when he stepped to the mic at the Florida Panthers Championship Celebration following their soggy 2-mile parade on Sunday afternoon.

Wearing a custom made Panthers shirt — his two cats served as the current logo on the front, and the leaping cat logo on the back — Maurice put the censors working the live television broadcast into a tizzy.

Earlier in the playoffs, Maurice went off on his team on the bench, his words pretty easy to figure out on television.

Afterward, Maurice said he wasn’t necessarily mad at his team.

“I just thought they needed some profanity in their life,’’ Maurice said. “And I brought some. I don’t excel in a lot of things in life, but F- me, I am good at that.”

Yes, he is.

He brought some profanity to the Panthers parade on Sunday in a big way.

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Maurice started out with an F-bomb, called himself an asshole — and kept on going.

It has been well documented that Maurice had not won the Stanley Cup throughout an NHL coaching career which started in 1995 with the Hartford Whalers.

He was 0-f0r-2 coming into this year’s Stanley Cup Final — but he did not go 0-for-3.

When he finally got a chance to hoist the Cup over his head last Monday night in Sunrise, he let an F-bomb fly so, it should not have been a surprise to here his comments from the slippery stage Sunday in Fort Lauderdale.

Here is what Maurice had to say as edited by the FHN sensor:

“For every XXX one of you, 30 years!,’’ Maurice shouted, before pointing to his wife Michelle.

“For that woman over there, 30 years of being married to an asshole. XXX yeah! In my wildest dreams, I never thought I could have seen this. Seriously. Understand this: Everybody that we love in this world, is XXX happy right now!’’

Maurice, who spoke about watching hockey with his two cats early in the postseason, had sidestepped a question about their names when asked.

“I respect their privacy,’’ he said.

On Sunday, Maurice revealed that his cats are named Poppy and Penny and that his daughter Sydney designed the shirt with their faces on it.

“I promised her that if we won the Stanley Cup, I’m wearing that shirt,’’ he said.

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I remember watching the triple overtime game in Miami Arena. Exhaustedly unemotional as Uwe Krupp slid a puck past local hero John Vanbiesbrook. Standing in my regular seat as I applauded the ceremony and ritual of the Stanley Cup being awarded to the Colorado Avalanche. I remember thinking how cool it will be when our hometown heroes do this next year. Almost three decades later, I finally watched it happen. My grown children, who had only heard stories of that recollection, called to congratulate me while I watched this spectacle finally unfolding. A small tear ran from my eye. Today,… Read more »

Kevin Hawkey

Amen! 30 years! So many memories. Season tickets and remember seeing them lose the cup to Colorado. I was there! I also thought it was easy! We did this in 3 short years and will be back. I had no idea it would take so long. All the years, filled with hope and promise. Billy Lindsay and Paul Laus were my favorites. So many players along the path to where we are today. I thought of Bure and Steven Weiss, who I loved for their leadership and even of Jonathan Huberdeau and all he meant to us for so long.… Read more »


I made the news, west palm beach, wpbf 25, we were on the rail, next to the VIP tent and Yanni Kuracous came over to us, as we were being quite loud, and he ask if the weather and rain had brought down the festive mood at all, and I told him, thats not rain, those are the tears of all the Edmonton fans, he busted out laughing and it made the news. I got several text and calls from friends and family. pretty damm cool. Nick cousins was LIT, he came over and hugged my girl Friend, Then somebody… Read more »

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News just broke this morning samson resigned… league sources has it at 8 years for 9 million… If those numbers are accurate man did Bill Zito do an amazing job once again.

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