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#AskGR Mailbag

FHN Mailbag Time: Ask Your Florida Panthers Questions



Florida panthers

As we approach Thanksgiving Weekend, the Florida Panthers are about a quarter of the way through their season.

There is a lot we know about this team — and a lot of questions which are still to be answered.

As for your questions about the team, well, we know you have a lot of them.

Time to open up the FHN Mailbag and answer them.

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With the holiday coming, we’ll use two days for questions to get in with the FHN Mailbag opening up on Friday morning.

So, get your questions in before 6 p.m. on Thursday night. Have an extra slice of pie and send in your best.

There are a number of ways to get your questions to me.

The easiest is just leave your question here on the comment section; you can also leave a question if you read this on Facebook or by using the #AskGR hashtag on Twitter — as long as that is still a thing. You never know.

Again, we will have your questions and my answers published here on Friday morning.

Enjoy the game tonight and have a great Thanksgiving!



  • When: Wednesday, 7 p.m.
  • Where: FLA Live Arena, Sunrise 
  • TV/Streaming: Bally Sports Florida, ESPN+
  • Radio: WPOW 96.5-FM2; WBZT 1230-AM (Palm Beach); WCTH 100.3-FM (Florida Keys); SiriusXM
  • Panthers Radio Streaming: SiriusXM 932
  • Season Series: Boston 5, Florida 3 (Oct. 17)
  • Last season: Boston won 2-1
  • All-time regular season series: Boston leads 59-36-6, 6 ties
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Bryan Geary

My question is what are our options when Duclair comes off LTIR? I know a lot of people seem to think we would trade Hornqvist but don’t know that there are a lot of takers for that out there with his salary without us also giving up some prospects and we’ve done so many trades the last few years that our draft capital and prospect pipeline is getting thin. Are there other internal options to get cap compliant without a trade and still field a competitive team?


That, my friend, is the question of all questions. No one quite knows what they’re going to do when duclare comes back and they have to magically find $5 million in cap space somewhere. They could pull a Tampa and just keep him on LTIR until the start of the playoffs, while having.him practicing with the squad, traveling with the squad over the last month of the season, but never playing any games, that worked for Tampa with Kucharov a few years ago.Will be interesting to hear George’s take.

Since there is still limited access to the locker room and we don’t see post game shenanigans, what do the boys award the game MVP after a win? In the past it was the Cadet jacket, shovel, barber apron…


It is 20 games into the new system that will prepare us to be successful in the playoffs. Can you describe what this new system is supposed to be, and then why it isn’t working

Andrew Levine

It seems that this team is still missing someone who constantly scores. PP and PK are a mess. I know they want to “play” the regular season like the playoffs, but first need to make it. What changes could be made? They miss Duke.


This question is not Panthers specific, Therefore may not fit your criterion, but I thought it would be a great question for you and your followers to toss out there at the Thanksgiving table For folks to ruminate on along with the mashed potatoes and turkey, and that question is would you rather be the worst player on a winning team or the best player on a losing team? And now my hi-octane digestive juices are ready for anything after that great game with Boston. Go Panthers and Happy Thanksgiving!


Ha, good question, but in my mind an easy one for ANY player, whichever one will get you the most ice time. Players just want to play. But for me, the average couch potato, I’m going for the bad player on a good team, you may not play very much but you are along for the ride and you still get whatever accolades that comes the team’s way. The great player on a bad team is watching the playoffs from his couch every year, and for any competitive person that’s got to suck.


George, one of the reasons for the great success of last season was attributed to how close the guys were off the ice, spending so much time together, more so, I think and if the articles are to be believed, than the average team does. Conversely, it’s been just as documented that Maurices Winnipeg locker room was, let’s just say, not the best. It was said, via multiple articles with Patrick Liane as the source, that players believed there to be a “pecking order” if you will, that there was a way certain players were treated by the coaching staff,… Read more »

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