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Florida Panthers get shade from Jimmy Eat World over goal song change



Florida panthers goal song

On Wednesday, Andy Slater reported the Florida Panthers would move on from Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World as their goal song next season.

Some fans do not like the change.

A fan running an account in honor of Panthers mascot Viktor E. Rat started a petition on Thursday in an effort to save the song.

“The struggle of Sweetness is similar to the struggles of the Panthers themselves. Old media members hate the song, and old fans want something more traditional, but those who like it would undoubtedly fight for it to stay,” the fan states in the petition.

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“The Panthers are a non-traditional team in a non-traditional market who have spent decades being delegitimized and heckled by the sport’s more historically-rooted fanbase, but have still managing to create a home in South Florida against all odds.

Sweetness is more than an incredible song being used for a great purpose, its place is similar to that of the Panthers; rebellious, daring, underrated, and disliked by those who simply can’t understand why it works.”

The petition, which goes on, amassed over 100 signatures in a day before the band came across a tweet backing the petition on Friday.

“If you’re scoring the most goals of any team in the NHL and you don’t win the cup maybe the problem isn’t your goal song,” drummer Zach Lind tweeted from the band’s account.

“But hey if it’s not broke feel free to fix it.”

He went on to continue to delve into the conversation, responding to a comment about FLA Live Arena’s speakers and providing proof of the Panthers scoring the most goals in the league with Jimmy Eat World’s song following suit.

Of course, every fifth goal was met with Mambo No. 5 as well.

After the band gave the petition publicity, another 139 people signed it, bringing the total number of signatures up to 239.

While the fans’ and the band’s efforts may go unheard by the team — or may even be unneeded at all as Slater’s report has yet to be confirmed — it still made for a fun day in Pantherland.

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