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Florida Panthers unveil 2021-22 NHL schedule



Florida panthers 2021-22 schedule
The Florida Panthers will play 41 of their 82 games during the 2021-22 season at the BB&T Center in Sunrise. // Photo by @GeorgeRichards

The Florida Panthers return to a normal-looking schedule for the 2021-22 season after playing a 56-game slate in a more regionalized division this past year.

The Panthers will be back in the Atlantic Division with the Lightning, Sabres, Bruins, Canadiens, Maple Leafs and Senators.

The highlights of the 2021-22 schedule include the season-opener October 14 against Pittsburgh. Florida’s first date with the rival Lightning comes in Tampa on Oct. 19.

The first meeting between the expansion Seattle Kraken — and goalie Chris Driedger’s return — comes Nov. 27.

Florida will end the regular season on a three-game road trip with games against divisional foes in Boston, Ottawa and Montreal.

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Although the Panthers will not have a New Year’s Eve game, they will play host to the Canadiens on Dec. 30 with the Lightning in town on New Year’s Day.

That decision may have been made to avoid the Orange Bowl Game, one of the college football semifinals this season, which will be played on Dec. 31.

The NHL built in an Olympic break although it is not certain that players will be traveling to Beijing for the games.

That means a three-week hiatus in February.

According to an AP report, there are two different schedules. The one released Thursday includes the Olympic break — with the hopes the players will participate. If the NHL decides not to go this route, there is a second schedule which will be released at a later date.

So, this could change. Will, probably change.

The Panthers also have a six-day break between road trips. After a west coast swing to Los Angeles, San Jose, Las vegas and Anaheim from March 13-18, the Panthers next visit Montreal on March 24.

No start times have been set by the league.


   DATE        OPPONENT      TIMES/TBA      

 OCTOBER                                             JANUARY

Thu. 14     Pittsburgh                      Sat. 15     Columbus           

Sat. 16     N.Y. Islanders                 Tue. 18  AT Calgary                

Tue. 19  AT Tampa Bay                  Thu. 20  AT Edmonton               

Thu. 21     Colorado                         Fri. 21  AT Vancouver              

Sat. 23  AT Philadelphia                 Sun. 23  AT Seattle               

Mon. 25     Arizona                           Tue. 25  AT Winnipeg              

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Wed. 27     Boston                             Thu. 27     Vegas                 

Fri. 29  AT Detroit                              Sat. 29     San Jose              

Sat. 30  AT Boston                             Mon. 31  AT Columbus          

NOVEMBER                                               FEBRUARY

Thu.  4     Washington                        Tue.  1  AT N.Y. Rangers      

Sat.  6     Carolina                                Thu. 24     Columbus              

Mon.  8  AT N.Y. Rangers                   Sat. 26     Edmonton           

Tue.  9  AT New Jersey                       

Thu. 11  AT Pittsburgh                          

Sat. 13  AT Tampa Bay                         

Tue. 16     N.Y. Islanders                    

Thu. 18     New Jersey                        

Sat. 20     Minnesota                         

Wed. 24     Philadelphia                    

Fri. 26  AT Washington                     

Sat. 27     Seattle                           

Tue. 30     Washington                

DECEMBER                                              MARCH

Thu.  2     Buffalo                         Thu. 3  Ottawa             

Sat.  4     St. Louis                       Sat. 5 Detroit

Tue.  7  AT St. Louis                    Fri. 4 Detroit  

Fri. 10  AT Arizona                       Mon. 7 AT Buffalo    

Sun. 12  AT Colorado                  Tue. 8 AT Pittsburgh  

Tue. 14     Ottawa                          Thu. 10 Philadelphia  

Thu. 16     Los Angeles                 Sun. 13 AT Los Angeles

Sat. 18  AT Minnesota                  Tue. 15 AT San Jose     

Tue. 21  AT Chicago                      Thu. 17 AT Vegas     

Thu. 23     Nashville                       Fri. 18 AT Anaheim 

Mon. 27  AT Carolina                     Thu. 24 AT Montreal     

Wed. 29     N.Y. Rangers               Sat. 26 AT Ottawa

Thu. 30     Tampa Bay                    Sun. 27 AT Toronto

                                                             Tue. 29 Montreal 

                                                             Thu. 31 Chicago 


JANUARY                                           APRIL

Sat.  1     Montreal                         Sat 2. AT New Jersey

Tue.  4     Calgary                          Sun. 3 AT Buffalo 

Thu.  6  AT Dallas                          Tue. 5 Toronto

Sat.  8  AT Carolina                       Fri. 8 Buffalo

Tue. 11     Vancouver                     Sat. 9 AT Nashville

Fri. 14     Dallas                               Tue. 12 Anaheim

                                                            Fri. 15 Winnipeg

X.                                                       Sun. 17 AT Detroit

X.                                                       Tue. 19 AT N.Y. Islanders

X.                                                       Thu. 21 Detroit

X.                                                       Sat. 23 Toronto

X.                                                       Sun. 24 Tampa Bay

X.                                                        Tue. 26 AT Boston

X.                                                        Thu. 28 AT Ottawa

X.                                                        Fri. 29 AT Montreal

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