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#AskGR Mailbag

Got NHL Trade Deadline questions? Time for a special edition Mailbag



NHL Trade Deadline Mailbag
The equipment bags of former Carolina Hurricanes players Lucas Wallmark and Erik Haula mix in with the Florida Panthers gear following the 2020 NHL Trade Deadline in Glendale, Arizona. // Photo by @GeorgeRichards

The Florida Panthers are expected to be players when the NHL Trade Deadline comes Monday at 3 p.m. so, it is time to open the Mailbag.

General manager Bill Zito has already made a couple of moves with two separate deals with the Chicago Blackhawks.

More are in the works.

Thursday’s deal saw the Panthers send Brett Connolly’s $3.5 million cap hit to Chicago along with Riley Stillman and Henrik Borgstrom.

Florida got back two players including one it had earlier in Lucas Wallmark.

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There is a lot going on with the Panthers right now and I know y’all got questions.

So let’s go!

Leave your questions below here in the comment section or at Twitter using the #AskGR hashtag.

With the Panthers likely being off on Friday, I will publish the Mailbag sometime in the early afternoon.

As always, ask me anything you want.

I assume a lot of it will be trade related.

Here is last month’s Mailbag if you want to see what was asked back then.

See you Friday.

A day late, but the February FHN Florida Panthers Mailbag is here!

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Haydon Hughes

Hey George, not necessarily trade deadline related, but was wondering if you happened to hear anything regarding the Panthers players getting vaccinated as we have heard from other clubs around the league. Thank you.


Who do you think are our best two options to upgrade our defense?

Alan R.

Are the Panthers worried about chemistry and influence on their younger players with trading possibly Taylor Hall or a troublemaker like D’Angelo ( please no)?

Ben Fisher

Hey George

If you fire up the Seattle Expansion Draft simulator who would you protect right now if you’re Bill Zito?

Is a Keith Yandle buyout a possibility? Would help keep another defenceman especially since they seem to really like Forsling


Bob E.

That question about the Yandle buyout poses another question. Will the Panthrs be able to do the buyout before the expansion draft?

It appears that thee may be enough time for them to do that but are there any strictures in the draft rules or the NHLPA contract that would forbid it?

Donny R

Makes zero financial sense to buy him out. Per Cap Friendly:

Better to hold him and limit his minutes.

Jordan Moses

Hey George,

I guess my question is two parts:

Given the fact we just brought on Spencer Knight and Driedger being a UFA after this season, do you think Driedger is on the trading block?

Whether Driedger gets traded or we lose him to free agency, what does that mean for Knight in the expansion draft? Could we end up losing Knight to Seattle since we would have to protect Bob with the NMC and odds are Knight will have at least made his NHL debut by then?

Thanks, stay safe.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jordan Moses

Knight isn’t eligible as he will only have had one qualified pro season

Austin Fisken

Hey George,

What is the infatuation Q has with Mason Marchment? He is so obviously not a top line player, yet there he is playing along side Barkov. Other young players make one mistake and they’re done. Tippett? Denisenko? Heponiemi? It’s to the point where I have to turn the game off because I cannot watch a player like that play over Huberdeau on the top line. Q needs a wake up call. Cats will be golfing in no time if not.

Craig Mirek

Since my 2nd favorite team (Red Wings) play in the same division this year I don’t see any games outside the Central bubble. Just wondering how do you feel the Panthers stack up against other top teams ie Capitals, Maple Leafs? If this were a normal season would they be just as good?

Terence Graham

Hi George, my question is threefold and is Buffalo-centric.
1. How high is Zito on Hall?
2. Could he be brought in with one of Buffalo’s defenseman as part of a package deal?
3. Would Zito want Hall or any other deadline acquisitions to resign here so as not to “mortgage the future”?


This sure looks like Zito wants his prints all over this team. All the overpaid Tallon guys are either gone or on the block. Yandle at the top of the list and Stralman not far behind. I hope that Zito is thinking long term. I do not really wan’t to see Hall as a short term rental. I hate getting rid of young assets just to clear cap space. Looks like Zito goes to his old stomping in Columbus for players. Hope he can find another team or two to make buddies with. Are you hearing ANY rumors that seem… Read more »

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