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2024 Stanley Cup Final

Texting Paul Maurice: Florida Panthers Coach May Not Answer



Paul maurice

FORT LAUDERDALE — Florida Panthers coach Paul Maurice has become known for his entertaining press conferences over the past two postseasons.

Lately, he has given us a glimpse into his life.

First, we learned he likes watching hockey at home with his family — and the cats.

Wednesday, he admitted he is not the best at returning text messages.

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When the Panthers beat the New York Rangers to earn their second straight trip to the Stanley Cup Final, Maurice said he got 16 text messages.

Assistant coach Jamie Kompon “got 125. That’s a fact,’’ Maurice said.

Although Maurice is not technologically challenged by any means, he says he is not handcuffed to his phone like so many of us are.

“Anyone who knows me says ‘don’t text him,’ or, ‘he never reads them or he doesn’t answer them.’ I am not,” Maurice continued, “tied to my phone. Somewhat proud of that.’’

As he explained Wednesday, back in the day Maurice saved a three-hour window — from 4-7 p.m. — to give his young family dedicated time at the house.

Once hockey games came on at 7, well, it was time to watch hockey.

But before that, he would make sure there were no interruptions.

“When I started coaching, I didn’t have kids, but then I did have very young kids,” Maurice said. “So the deal was, from 4-7 o’clock, I wouldn’t do any media or do any phone calls. I would get home from the rink, games start at 7, so that block of time was out.”

He has carried that forward to today.

When Paul Maurice goes home, he is at home.

“I got in the habit to where I will get home and throw the phone in a drawer,” he said. “The vast majority of the time I forget it. I pick it up on the way out the next day. I am not a connector.”

As for those 16 text messages he got after the Rangers win, he did get around to answering them.


“Not for a couple of days,’’ Maurice said. “I didn’t want them getting all excited.’’

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  • Where: Amerant Bank Arena, Sunrise
  • National TV: ABC
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  • How They Got Here — Florida: d. Tampa Bay 4-1, Boston 4-2, New York Rangers 4-2; Edmonton: d. Los Angeles 4-1, Vancouver 4-3, Dallas 4-2.
  • This Season (Florida Won 2-0) — At Florida: Panthers 5, Oilers 3 (Nov. 20). At Edmonton: Panthers 5, Oilers 2 (Dec. 17).
  • Last Season: Edmonton Won 2-0
  • All-time Regular Season Series: Oilers lead 23-16-0, 3 ties
  • Postseason History: First Meeting

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Armando Perez

Paul Maurice is easily the best coach the Panthers have ever had. Like GM Bill Zito, he will never get his due or any respect from any writers or fan bases other than ours.

Armando Perez

Even the team does not get respect or recognition for being a great team because many of these people from the “traditional” hockey markets don’t think that a hockey team should be in a warm non snowy area. I loved it when the Tampa Bay Lightning won their Stanley Cups. I will love it even more when the Panthers win theirs!

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