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Florida Panthers

It’s a ‘JetBlue’ Reverse Retro for the Florida Panthers



Florida panthers reverse retro

The Florida Panthers will draw back on what was, at the time, an unpopular jersey style when their 2022-23 NHL Reverse Retro jerseys are unveiled in the coming weeks.

The Panthers’ new look were lightly inspired by the 2009-12 era ‘JetBlue’ third jersey.

At least in theory.

In 2009, the Panthers introduced an entirely new color scheme with two shades of blue and the absence of red.

Some fans thought they were a copy of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ popular Winter Classic retro sweaters. Others liked it.

The new jersey, which will be worn about a dozen times this season, is not a copy of the 2009-12 third sweater but will be similar enough to invoke the past.

As in, it will be dominated by a light shade of blue, which the Panthers only wore on one style of jersey in their history.

That’s about as close as this new ‘Retro’ will get to the ‘JetBlue’ look.

The Reverse Retro series is a mix of old and new — and the Panthers’ new sweater will be in someways a take on 2009.

While not very popular with fans at the time, they have become a hit with collectors and are still spotted in the stands at games.

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We have been told the palm tree/hockey stick logo will be on the front with the jersey being predominately a light shade of blue — but not necessarily a powder blue.

Look at the blue in the 2023 NHL All-Star logo and, well, our bet is on that shade which would be more in line with the Marlins/Heat Miami Vice look than the Carolina blue which Florida used in 2009.

Other vibrant colors used in the logo for the All-Star Game — which will be held in Sunrise — are also involved.

So, this season’s Reverse Retro jersey will not simply be two shades of blue with white as the 2009 jerseys were but will have a lot more flash.

Word is, the jerseys look sharp.

Earlier this week, Chris Creamer and came across a Fanatics offering for what is believed to be Reverse Retro t-shirts which were quickly pulled off the site.

Screen grabs of the complete collection show the Panthers’ shirt being light blue with the sun/palm tree secondary logo as the primary — which has been confirmed as what the team will be using on the actual jersey.

Other NHL Reverse Retro looks include the Islanders going back with the once-panned (but now hip) Fisherman, the Washington Capitals using the flying eagle, the Pittsburgh Penguins and their 1990s ‘Robo-Penguin’ as well as the San Jose Sharks going all the way back to the California Golden Seals.

As for the Panthers, they are reaching back with a look that was not all that popular at the time — but feel confident fans are really going to dig this updated version.

In 2009, the Panthers went away from their original colors in favor of a light/dark blue color mix with a circular logo.

Florida panthers reverse retro

The Florida Panthers’ third jersey is pictured at their practice facility in Coral Springs a few months before their official unveiling in 2009. — Photo @DavidJNeal

The team was reportedly going to change its entire color scheme to this style until Dale Tallon, Mike Santos and Bill Torrey convinced ownership to return to their original colors.

Red jerseys were brought back in 2011 and the ‘JetBlues’ were retired after three seasons.

They were called the ‘JetBlues’ as there were rumors the Panthers changed their color scheme to match the airline in an effort to lure them as a major sponsor.

If that was the case, it worked.

JetBlue signed on a few days before the jerseys made their debut in November of 2009.

Florida panthers reverse retro

A collection of the 2022-23 NHL Reverse Retro logos courtesy of

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