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2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Bruins Call Bennett Hit On Marchand Dirty. OK Then…



Marchand bennett
Sam Bennett and Brad Marchand introduce themselves early in the first period of Game 3 on Friday night. Marchand did not play in the third period and missed Saturday’s practice with an ‘upper body’ injury. // TNT

The Boston Bruins were upset with Sam Bennett after the Florida Panthers forward hit Brad Marchand early in Friday night’s game.

Marchand appeared to be closing in on Bennett as he played the puck off the boards and was heading to the bench; instead, Bennett saw it coming and instead delivered a hit on Marchand, sending him sprawling into the boards.

Boston coach Jim Montgomery said he thought it was a dirty play by Bennett, alluding to a ‘sucker punch’ at the end of it.

Florida won the game 6-2 and holds a 2-1 series lead with Game 4 on Sunday in Boston.

Bennett also made a big hit on David Pastrnak during the first period upon his return to the lineup.

“There’s a history there with Bennett,’’ Montgomery said. “There’s clearly evidence of what went on. People can say it wasn’t intentional. We have our view of it.”

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There is a long history there with Brad Marchand as well, one Montgomery seems readily willing to ignore.

Not to mention Marchand simply could have avoided the whole thing by, here’s a thought, not lowering his shoulder as he skated toward Bennett?

Instead, the Boston pest got dropped and had to be helped to the bench.

Marchand missed some action after going to the room before returning to the game.

He did not come out for the third period and missed Boston’s practice on Saturday with what is being called an upper-body injury.

Florida coach Paul Maurice said there was nothing to see here.

There really isn’t.

Sometimes you mess around and it does not work out.

So, did Bennett sucker Marchand?

He definitely seemed to swing his right arm around and catch Marchand at the end.

Again, Marchand was going for the hit and seemed to slow when he noticed Bennett was well aware of his surroundings.

“No, no,” Maurice said Saturday morning in Boston. “I don’t think most of you would have either. It was just a collision. In a perfect world, everyone has everyone healthy. No one likes seeing anyone get hurt.”

Marchand, one might recall, started Friday’s game in the face-off circle wanting to fight Sasha Barkov after Charlie Coyle made a similar request.

Barkov declined.

The Bruins then spent most of the first period running around trying to put the Panthers into the boards while taking three shots on goal and going into the second down 1-0.

“I don’t know what they were discussing at the start,’’ Maurice said of Marchand leaning in to talk to Barkov before the puck drop.

“It’s not what Barky does for a living although he’s leading our team in hits for the series. Everybody’s got a job. That’s not his.’’

For the most in-depth coverage of the Florida Panthers:


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He seemed to swing his arm?? Definitely don’t agree with that, George, like at all. You could see all he does is raise his arm to his body to protect himself from the blow with his left hand so if you’re saying he swung his right hand that’s the hand he’s holding his stick with, if you hold a stick aand you raise your for hand to hit someone the stick is gonna fly up in the air. It did no such thing. He just simply braced himself. I didn’t see an arm swing at all. Not even a little… Read more »


Also, is there some kind of copyright deal where you can’t show the actual play? I noticed all the videos up are of just prior to play or just after play. But not during play itself, is that a copyright thing?


Yeah it wasn’t egregious.

Kevin Hawkey

This is ridiculous! Bennett has every right to defend himself from an incoming hit. Marchand is known for throwing hits; how about the earlier one on Tkachuk where his helmet was knocked off? Boston can cry all they want; we are in their heads now and they are in trouble as long as we keep playing our game. Boston has gotten away with a lot of cheap shots. #11 was throwing forearms to the back of Eetu’s head while on the boards. Not one, but 3-4 times. Referee was right there but no call for that! Also, how many times… Read more »


Yeah and swayman has a right make a save. Not a hard enough hit you no not egregious. NHL NOT HONEST LEAGUE

Duke del Valle

Clean play by Bennett, period. Montgomery grasping for straws. Bennett easily could’ve taken his head off but didn’t because he isn’t a Trouba-like cheap shot artist.


He punched Marchand in the face. How is that clean?


Sucker punch just like all the pukes in FLA

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