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Opening The FHN Florida Panthers Mailbag: NHL Trade Deadline Edition



Nhl trade deadline
Florida Panthers general manager, pictured here on the first day of free agency in 2021, is expected to be busy as the NHL Trade Deadline comes Monday at 3 p.m. — Photo @GeorgeRichards

The Florida Panthers are thick in NHL Trade Deadline talks with various teams as the finish line comes on Monday at 3 p.m.

Who are the Panthers looking at?

What would you like to see Florida get?

We are opening up the FHN Mailbag to you, our loyal readers, for a special trade deadline edition.

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Leave your questions here in the comments, on the Facebook post comment section or on Twitter using #AskGR.

UPDATE: Due to the two trades Florida made on Wednesday, we’re pushing the deadline on questions to Thursday at 4 p.m. and the Mailbag will run Friday morning.

Here is TRADE 1 & TRADE 2

Here is our last Mailbag which ran about a month ago.

You all had a lot of trade questions then and I’m sure you have plenty more now.

But we do not have to limit this Mailbag to trade questions.

Ask anything you want.



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Phil Gallo

GR….great work …much appreciated by all us Cat fans….now, .hypothetical question : Panthers win the Cup….of course in normal circumstances, Q ( if he left for health reasons, for example ) gets his name on the Cup…..but …in this case ….yes or no? PC aside….I believe he would be most deserving ….your thoughts? Thank you and keep up the good word!! 🤙🏻🤙🏻


Deadline! Is there anyone that you think the Panthers have to have? With the team so close to the cap, I would prefer them to keep the team together. If anything I would prefer a tough guy to help protect Barkov, Hubby, Ekblad, etc from being run at during playoffs.

Miguel Villanueva

Hello! I think the Panthers need a sniper with Barkov, someone like Laine. Is Laine a possibility? Do you think Zito is going for a Rental ? Thanks


Any discussions about an extension for Marchment and the priority on getting an extension done before the off-season? I feel like he is a huge asset and has capabilities to play up and down the lineup.

Benjamin Barman

Hi GR! Thanks for everything you do for the Panthers! What exactly happened to Nutivaara that he’s been injured the whole season? He played in one game this season, so can’t imagine this is all a result of anything that happened in game. I assume they’re going to let him walk after the season since he’s barely played to show his value to the team in the future.

Ed Purchase

George, it is near universally known the Cats have a great locker room this season. Can you give some examples (name them names, man!) of players who did not contribute to a healthy locker room/team dynamic in the past?

Last edited 1 year ago by Ed Purchase
Art K

Hi George, if the Panthers do make it the finals and win, would Frank be included on the cup?


George, I need to call out the Panther fans that are the most active on Twitter/social media. They know who they are. They think they are experts. It’s nothing but praise for GM Bill Zito, up until a trade they don’t like, and then it’s “Zito is overpaying – what is he doing?” Too much time reading analytics “experts” that don’t do anything but criticize hockey players from their couches. This happened last year with the Bennett trade, but anybody who had actually watched Calgary in the playoffs knew his game was built for the playoffs. Was Calgary’s best player… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by mickster53
Doug Saunders

Hi George From the outside it seems the Panthers are a very tight group. Is there any concern that by making these trades the team chemistry is altered? I like the aggressive nature of the moves but it’s not like the Panthers were barely in the playoffs and how much did they really need to improve to be competitive?

Louie Barone

Hi George — love the news letter — with all the talent offensively the cats have — I thought the Ben C trade was awesome with a big bruising defenseman as a trade !!! Do you really think the Cats need someone like Giroux to come in ~. Just seems whoever they give up is going to be too much for a guy at the tail end of his career. They got Jumbo and Horny to have the experience factor not be overlooked. Just seems like this might be a questionable trade to value ??? Your thoughts???? All the best… Read more »

Jack Powell

What in the world does “six-strength defenseman” mean?

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