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#AskGR Mailbag

Time for the FHN Florida Panthers Mailbag — Thanksgiving Edition



As the Florida Panthers take Tuesday off before playing host to the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday, it’s time for another FHN Mailbag.

It has been an impressive start for the Panthers and they have kept us busy here at FloridaHockeyNow.

But y’all have questions — and we have answers.

What is on your mind?

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Leave your questions here in the comment section, on Twitter using the #AskGR hashtag or in the Facebook comments.

I will gather up all the questions on Tuesday and and publish the Q&A segment on Wednesday morning.

Deadline for questions is 10 p.m. tonight!

Here is the last Mailbag, which was published all the way back in August.

Again, things have been busy here in PantherLand.

This will go back to being a monthly feature at FHN — I promise.



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Jari Jarvinen

Do you know when we could expect to see some of the players on IR to be back? Nutivaara, Juolevi, Marchment?


Question for both George and Colby: is cereal a soup?


Is Juolevi still hurt and if he is healthy will he play for the panthers?

Ben K

Is there any concern that despite the panthers stellar record, attendance seems to be lagging? It does seem to be a league wide issue, but you would like to see better numbers given the quality of the team.

Ed Purchase

George, any insights as to how the shared joint AHL situation is benefiting/not benefiting our players? Do they have separate skills/strategy/video sessions? Surely Seattle’s philosophical approach to playing hockey isn’t in total lock-step with Florida’s. How do they reconcile that…if they reconcile it at all?


George, Panther Twitter is really only happy with it has something to complain about but with the Panthers stellar start, it’s kind of hard to find something to complain about. Could you help us out and make some suggestions? (Except the power play which has some of us missing Yandle, which is kind of ironic. I suggest for Yandle’s homecoming tribute video Wednesday they replay all his turnovers throughout his Panther career though that may delay the start of the game 2-3 hours!!!


Do you think the Q scandal and resignation is having a continuing impact on the team? Will Burnette become the non- interim coach? Finally, who do you think might emerge as power play quarterback?

Miguel Villanueva

I believe the problem with the power play is Aaron sadly. He could be moved to the left side. Is there another player that could step up to filled out Yandle spot? Who could be acquired later in the season?

Bryan Geary

The 4 current lines have been playing really well together. We know when Barkov comes back, we’ll probably go back to the 4th line alternating between Thornton and Luostarinen as center on that line. We’ve seen Mamin and Lomberg both in on that 4th line, although it seems to have better chemistry with Lomberg than Mamin so far. When Marchment comes back, how do you think that 3rd and 4th line shakes out? And the other really big one is if Acciari does make it back to the lineup somewhere late in the season, what does that do to the… Read more »

Jon Baldwin

Two questions: why do you think the power is underperforming? Your best odds on Brunette coaching the Panthers long-term.

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