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#AskGR Mailbag

February is almost over: Time for another FHN Mailbag!



Florida mailbag Panthers
Florida Panthers equipment manager Teddy Richards moves a container at the Prudential Center in Newark during the 2018-19 season. It could be mail. He wouldn’t tell me what was in there. So, I am assuming it was mail. // Photo by @GeorgeRichards

Word is, February is the shortest month on the calendar yet no one informed me of that. So, we need to get the latest Florida Hockey Now Panthers Mailbag up, stat!

To do this, I need your help.

I know you have questions and, I may just have some answers.

Let’s help each other out.

From now (Sunday, Feb. 28) until Monday (we will call it Feb. 29) send me your most pressing questions either here in the comment section, or you can go to my Twitter feed and leave one there.

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It can be about the Panthers power play. It can be about Florida’s goalie situation.

It could even be about my favorite place to eat inside the Philadelphia airport. Whatever.

The fact is, there are questions out there.

And we are going to answer them.

It just may not be February anymore when I do.

But that’s OK. We will pretend this is one of those Leap Year deals.

With everything that has gone on in the past year, why not extend things by another day?

By the way, here is last month’s Mailbag for your perusal. We didn’t get any off-the-wall questions and that’s a little disappointing.

I like those. Keep them coming.

The FHN Florida Panthers January Mailbag is here!


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Terence Graham

Hey George. Any word on any potential third jerseys? Also, do you think we will be buyers at the deadline, maybe to try and shore up our bottom 6?

Kenneth Wilson

Hey, George, glad we get to support your coverage of the Panthers.

So for the foreseeable future, the Panthers are going to live or die with Sergei Bobrovsky. Chris Driedger is a UFA after this season, and will likely command more than more than we want to pay him. Surely there is a team out there that feels that they are a young, cheap, competent goalie away from contending (Pittsburgh, maybe?), so is there a deal to be made, would the Panthers want to make that deal, and what do you think we could get in return?

Don Johnson

Hey George,
Love your work. Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Jordan Moses

Hey George. If you were Gary Bettman and could pick any city for the league to expand to, what city would you pick and why?

Dale Huber

Any word on when Acciari will be back. I think our team is below average on face offs and starts too many shifts trying to get the puck back. Acciari would help a bit. However, we could really use a face off specialist, especially against teams like Carolina (Rod Brind’Amour was one of the best, and apparently is good at teaching it to his players). Any thoughts on who might be available?


Hey George! Seems the guys that the Panthers are trying to unload are the Vets with bad contracts. Do you think this is from ownership or Zito trying to make some cap room? I hope to see Denisenko in the
Lineup and not watching from the press box. Any word on Acciari?

flying fluffy

So I did Panther recaps on YouTube for 4 seasons. In the games I have missed , including this season, the team is 25-12-6, clearly showing I was the problem. My question is who will offer me protection from the mob should I start making videos again and the team starts losing again?


Hey George, continuing to go winless in the reverse retro jerseys can we agree to ditch these cursed jerseys and move on from our past history of loosing and continue a new history of winning?

Cody Shamon

Hi George, loaded question here. watching duclair this season it’s clear he has talent but more specifically he is blazing fast with the puck. Although he does create scoring chances on the rush I think that he’s holding that Barkov line back. Q was messing with the top 6 last game, with the play of Vatrano and Marchment how do you see the top 6 getting shifted around. My opinion is to put duclair with less talented players because he’ll individually make great plays especially against bottom 6 talent. What are your thoughts on how the lineup looks the rest… Read more »

Ben Fisher

Hey George. I know a lot can still happen this season but is a Bobrovsky buyout a potential option for ownership? I know the Panthers won’t save a ton of money and it will prolong his stay on the books, but if Chris Driedger continues to impress and Bobrovsky continues to struggle, especially since the Panthers could have a legit shot at the playoffs this year and Bob’s NMC ahead of the expansion draft, it might be the best of some non-savory options.


Why do our young players take so long to develop? And where are we going to get some unexpected scoring from? It would appear that we’re now basically even with Dallas and Carolina. We’re going to need a spark to start games faster and step on the necks of some of these other teams. Who do you think it might come from?

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