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#AskGR Mailbag

Mailbag Time! Your Questions About the Florida Panthers, Answered



Florida panthers
Ryan Lomberg of the Florida Panthers is interviewed during the Stanley Cup Final in Sunrise. // Photo @GeorgeRichards

As we creep closer and closer to the start of another Florida Panthers season, it is time for another Mailbag.

Yeah, we know you still have some questions — and I am here to answer them.

Your questions could be about the Panthers’ offseason, their injuries, about their lineup.

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Or anything else you can come up with.

Getting your questions to me is easy: You can either leave them here in the comment section or use Twitter (whatever) using the #AskGR hashtag.

Questions need to be in by the Saturday at 4 p.m. and they will be published here at Florida Hockey Now on Sunday morning.

It really is that simple.


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What is the latest on Eric Staal?


I would think he is a UFA and will not be re-signing with the Panthers.

Zeke 1961

It usually takes an intentional surgeon or an unintentional car accident to break a sternum; Any word on Matthew Tkachuk’s injury after that massive hit from Keegan Kolesar?

Andrew Levine

With the extension to Eetu, who do you think we will see next getting one? Lots of guys up after this season.


Where do you see the lines and d pairings for the start of the season? Will Paul allow Gustav be an offensive d man by pairing him with a defensive d man? Will Denisenko or Samoskevich break camp and actually get to play? If either does do they get to play with Barkov to cover for their rookie errors?


It looks as if the Panthers have improved the 4th line and have some upcoming talent to keep an eye on in the system and got depth on defense, do you feel they have improved in those areas?
Any info on Montour extension? He must be re-signed in my opinion.
Than you and keep up the good work.

Kevin Hawkey

Is it time to move Ekblad? His play this past season along with injuries makes him unpredictable. At times, he has been rock solid and productive but other times, he seems lost in front of our net. What is the trade value for him and do you think he would be most likely aside from Reinhart to be dealt to improve the roster?


Ekblad has a full no trade clause and is overvalued, for him to be moved one he would have to agree to wave his no trade clause and to the Panthers most likely would have to retain a portion of his salary, he ain’t going nowhere.

Kenneth W.

Hey George, Colby, and FHN Nation.

After the new arena in Calgary is finished, there’s going to be a wave of discussions of new arenas in the NHL, as 21 of the league’s arenas were built between 1993 and 2001, with FLA Live Arena obviously one of them.

When would you expect talks of a new arena to start getting serious, and where do you think they’d put it?


George, why didn’t the Panthers sign a guy like Matt Dumba instead of Larsson? He would have been a great replacement for Gudas, with more offensive upside imo. Did they really like OEL more? Also, do you think Bill Zito will add another Top-4 Dman before training camp opens, either via trade or free agent signing?


I believe George has answered this one several times but it’s simply a money issue, Dumba wanted around 5 million a year, obviously the Panthers wanted quantity over quality, put simply, they had more holes to fill, and decided to allocate their money differently

Last edited 2 months ago by surveyjay

What do you think the season looks like for Spencer Knight?

Ian Payner

As great as last season was, the team seemed to struggle winning face offs. Any thoughts on how they may be this season? Thanks!


Hey George and Colby. Just wondering what happened to Serron Noel?

Dale Huber

Can you run through which of our young players will be at risk of being lost if we need them to start the season in the AHL or be sent down after the season starts. I can look at it on CapFreindly, but I’m not clear on how it works with setting the rosters at the beginning of the year. We have a lot of defensemen and someone will need to be moved once Ekblad and Montour return.


Hey Colby and George,, Which Panthers prospect has the best chance of cracking the lineup out of camp? Is this Denisenkos year, does Mackie make the leap from college to the pros with virtually no AHL experience, how about Hepponeimi? And on a follow-up, where do you envision each of these three players fitting in at a pro level, are they top six guys, mid level guys, fourth liners, what’s your personal opinion of each one, being that they are most likely the three best panther prospects at the moment.


Yeah I know I’m double dipping here, but still….. I just want to know how does Toronto get away with placing Matt Murray on LTIR when their own coach Sheldon Keefe said during a press conference that he had been medically cleared to play LAST YEAR, during the playoffs? Is there any mechanism in place in the league where the league can challenge the validity of an injury? This seems like the most blatant and obvious circumvention of the cap yet, it’s things like this that allows GM’s to pass out horrible deals with no consequences, which in turn accelerates… Read more »

Harry Lampley

George, let’s talk money. The NHL AllStar game, Stanley Cup Finals, and season ticket sales is this the best financial season in organization history? How well did the organization do?

Bryan Geary

Two questions.

  1. Hearing anything related to Ekblad and Montour and recovery windows yet (i.e. how far into the season before they expect to be back)
  2. We know Ekblad stays in South Florida all year round. Which other players have made this their year round spot?
Cats and Leafs

Goaltending questions: How quickly does the conversation on Bobrovsky’s contract come up again if Knight comes back strong this season? Did Bob’s performance at the end of the year and the playoffs do enough to quell that talk, at least in the short term? Also, why did the Cats move on from Lyon or was it that Lyon moved on because of greater playing time potential in Detroit?

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