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It’s Our Birthday! Florida Hockey Now Celebrates No. 3



Florida hockey now

When Florida Hockey Now started during the pandemic in 2020, I promised to “cover this Florida Panthers team with everything I’ve got just as I have since the Miami Herald originally put me on the beat at the start of a 2004-05 season which never was.”

I hope to have lived up to that.

Our first post went live on July 8, 2020, as the Panthers were preparing to return to play following a long, Covid-induced break.

Much has changed since then — but FHN being your No. 1 source for full-time, daily coverage of the Florida Panthers is not one of them.

We are closing in on 2,600 posts since that first one with almost 2,000 coming from myself.

Colby D. Guy, who has covered two seasons now, has done a ton of good work and we could not do what we do without him.

Most of our stories are accompanied by great photos from Roger Topalian.

If you need a photographer for any reason, give him a call at (561) 866-2000.

But first of all, we could not have done it without all of your support over these first few years.

Celebrate our Third Anniversary with a Subscription to Florida Hockey Now!

Our readership continues to grow at a terrific pace as the past two months were our two biggest — not including the one involving Kodak Black — in our history.

It is certainly encouraging especially as the success of the Panthers has meant more and more competition.

Hey, the more the merrier.

It’s no fun being the only one covering a team I can tell you that from past experience.

We certainly appreciate all of you — and we hope you continue to follow along as we kick off Year 4 with what should be another exciting season with the Panthers.

In 2020, I wrote:

This could be the start of something really cool.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

It certainly has been fun and thank you again for joining us.

If you still have not subscribed, you certainly can do so now.

While prices all around us have gone through the roof, ours have stayed the same since Day 1: $29.99 for an annual subscription or just $3.49 a month.

Your subscription gives you access to exclusive FHN+ content like special stories and our popular Mailbags.

It also allows you to sign into your account and read the free stories (like this one) without all of the popup ads.

I know everyone hates the ads, especially when you are reading on your phones, but those help pay the bills as well.

We will have more stories throughout the rest of the summer including coverage of the team’s development camp this coming week.


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